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Wuhan University

Wuhan University is one the most important university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education of China.

It is situated in central part of Wuhan city. It is honoured as the "Most Beautiful University in China."

For the past century, Wuhan University has built an elegant palatial architectural complex of primitive simplicity which blends perfectly the eastern architectural style with that of the west. Furthermore, Wuhan University's centennial humanistic accumulation boils down to its succinct motto, that is, "Improve Oneself, Promote Perseverance, Seek Truth and Make Innovations."


Giada Zhao has past there eight years of her studies and researches. This period of her university life has strongly influenced her work in researching for improving different cultures exchanges. 

cherry flower park 1

The cherry flower park of the Wuhan University under the snow

cherry flower park 2

The overview of the cherry flower park of the Wuhan University and the ancient style library

cherry flower park 3

The night view under the stars of the cherry flower park of the Wuhan University

Scenery of the Lake and Mountians 2

The free time of the students on East 
Lake of Wuhan University

Scenery of the Lake and Mountians

The enchanting autumn view of  Wuhan University

The University Library

The University Library


The building for medicine

The building for medicine


Shaolin Temple

Located in the Songshan Mountains, Henan Province, Shaolin Temple is famous not only as one of China's important Buddhist shrines, but also as the ancient center of Chinese kung-fu.
shaolin temple 1

shaolin temple 2

shaolin monk 1


Lhasa: The Potala Palace

Lhasa - The Potala Palace

Catena dell'Hymalaia

Catena dell'Hymalaia


Buddhist Temple 1
                                                               Buddhist Temple 1

Buddhist Temple 2
                                                                  Buddhist Temple 2


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